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These resources have been designed to assist in broadly identifying any financial needs which you or your clients may have and should not be construed as being the rendering of advice. Please read our Disclaimer in this regard.

Having said this, we are confident that, provided that the resources are used as part of a FAIS Compliant process, Financial Advisors who use the tools will be compliant in their rendering of advice to their clients.

As an indication of our confidence in this regard, we have certain Financial Advisors using the calculators and these advisors having just had their annual FSB Audits have been given a clean bill of health by their Compliance Officers. We are currently in the process of having the Tools tested by two large Compliance Companies and we are reasonably confident of getting their endorsements. Sanlam have already performed a due diligence on the tools and we have obtained their endorsement in terms of relevance and accuracy.

As these endorsements are obtained we will update this site to inform you of developments.

The Retirement, Estate Analysis and Disability Calculators have been structured in line with generally accepted financial planning principles whilst the Portfolio Construction Tool sits on top of an extremely robust and credible Unit Trust evaluation and selection process. This process is carried out by Sanlam Personal Portfolios and is reviewed on a quarterly basis.
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