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With the introduction of FAIS and other changes in the regulatory environment, the Financial Services Industry is starting to undergo significant changes. It is anticipated that these changes will result in a decline in the number of Independent Financial Advisors, as was the case in the UK, and those that remain will start to place limits on the size of their Client Bases. It therefore follows that people in certain market sectors requiring professional financial advice may not be able to easily access such advice.

The requirements for Financial Advisors to complete a full Financial Needs Analysis will also pose certain challenges and, whilst there are many Planning Tools available, many of these tools are cumbersome, complicated and time consuming to use.

The 4SIGHT Financial Tools Website will provide both Financial Advisors and Private Individuals with a range of easy to use tools or calculators which cover;

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Investment Portfolio Construction

  • Disability Limit Calculation

Financial Advisors will have the option of subscribing to the Professional version of the Suite whereas private individuals will be able to download the Lite version.

In addition to these tools, subscribers will have access to a Research Archive or Knowledge Base with relevant financial commentary and educational material provided by a broad range of top, respected Investment Houses.

This information will be useful in determining the Assumptions which are used in the calculators This financial commentary will cover such topics as the Local and International Economic Outlook, the outlook for interest rates, exchange rates and financial markets. You will be given insights into the respective houseviews and recommended asset allocations in line with your appetite for risk.

You will also have access to basic articles on financial education.

Private Individuals who use the Site will, if required, be able to search our database for suitably qualified and experienced Financial Advisors to assist them in catering for any needs which may be identified.

Financial Advisors will be offered a facility whereby they can create and maintain their own personal Website within our site.

The monthly subscription rates are as follows:

  • Financial Advisors Professional Version - R300 (Incl. VAT) per month.

  • Private Individuals Lite Version - R100 (Incl. VAT) for 1 month web access and 20 uses of the calculators.
Large Corporates who would like to make these resources available to their staff are also welcome to contact us for a quotation. In this instance it will be possible to install an Intranet Site for use by members of staff.

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